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The current and proposed law changes are likely to be the most significant change to our rights and privileges in almost four decades. COLFO's volunteers work to ensure that those making decisions which impact our community are provided with the best information available, and that bad ideas are challenged with evidence and logic.

We aim to bring a fair and reasonable voice on behalf of legal firearm owners to the decision making tables of our nation.


The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners represents the interests of firearms owners and is the largest voluntary shooting-related organisation in New Zealand.

COLFO was set up in 1996 by a number of interested individuals and groups to combat firearms-related disinformation. COLFO takes a professional approach using sound research to dispel the inaccurate and emotive claims of self-proclaimed anti-gun "experts".

Membership is available to any society, association, organisation, or individual whose objects and practices are supportive of the Council's objectives.

COLFO is a member of the Pacific Shooting Sports Forum and the World Forum for the Future of Shooting Sports. 


  • To represent the collective interests of members through the preservation of the rights and privileges of licensed firearms users and collectors, promote responsible gun ownership and act as a central reference point for Government, Police, and the media.

  • To be recognised as the collective organisation whose views and opinions on firearms legislation and related matters are considered representative, authoritive and responsible.

  • To affiliate firearms user groups and firearms related organisations which are supportive of the first objective and which collectively seek to advance that object.

  • To undertake such actions, research, and inquiries that are necessary to achieve the first objective.

  • To prepare and disseminate any information that would enhance the well-being, rights and obligations of members.

Member Associations.

COLFO has several thousand members representing individual firearms owners and nationwide organisations with an interest in firearms.

Many organisations have joined COLFO. They have demonstrated their commitment to responsible firearms users and deserve your support.

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