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COLFO Contacts the Police Commissioner, and Board members of the New Zealand Police Association

COLFO has today sent letters to the Commissioner of Police, and to Board members of the New Zealand Police Association, requesting that they do not support NZPA President Chris Cahill in his belligerent conduct following our disproval of his claim that most criminal firearms are supplied by licensed firearm owners.

COLFO pointed out the flaws of the firearm registry, and the Ombudsman helped us to get Police to confirm that they keep no figures on ‘straw purchasing.’ This meant Mr Cahill’s claim was shown to be without evidence, and he responded by calling COLFO a “pack of liars” in a recent Newsroom article.

The Ombudsman also forced Police to supply information that reveals 60% of seized firearms had no serial number, and only 0.7% of them were linked to firearm owners.

The cost of the registry ($200m, plus much more ongoing) was justified on the promise to make New Zealanders safer by reducing firearm crime. It’s important to ascertain if this claim is possible and to monitor performance of the registry against it, and COLFO will continue to ensure those who are proponents of the registry are held accountable when it fails.

IR-01-23-16582 and Ombudsman complaint.

IR-01-23-16582 response re. 2023 Cahill claim_Redacted
Download PDF • 365KB

Ombudsman Complaint Revised Response IR-01-23-16582_Redacted (1)
Download PDF • 463KB

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