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COLFOS July Newsletter

COLFO News Issue # 3 July 2024

Arms Law Reform

Associate Justice Minister Hon Nicole Mckee has announced a programme of work to

reform the laws and regulations relating to firearms, with ultimately a rewrite of the

Arms Act. Nicole had this to say: “The Arms Act has been in place for over 40 years. It

has been amended several times – in a piecemeal, and sometimes rushed way. This has

resulted in outdated and complicated requirements that unfairly target licensed

firearms owners, often with no clear benefit to public safety.”

Rewriting the Act is Phase 4 of a four-part programme of overlapping reform. The first

three phases are already underway:

• Legislation is before Parliament to strengthen firearms prohibitions orders and

increase powers to search gang members for firearms.

• Proposals for the simple and effective regulation of shooting clubs are out for

consultation with stakeholder groups. (Note - the easing of a requirement for annual

reports for non-pistol clubs and ranges has already been implemented).

• The Firearms Registry is being reviewed, and ACT’s coalition agreement commits to

transferring the Firearms Safety Authority from Police to another Government

department. (COLFO understands that the transfer to the Ministry of Justice has


COLFO Provides Feedback

COLFO and our member organisations, both collectively and individually have provided

constructive feed back to the Ministry of Justice on the draft Clubs & Ranges Discussion

Document. This includes details that need more precise definition for clarity, resolving

ambiguities in the current law and further suggestions for improvements.

COLFO will be active in all stages of the law reform process over the course of the next

year and encourage all licensed firearm owners to actively engage in the public process.

Reforms Under Attack

Already the proposed reforms are under attack by the likes of the Police Association,

Federation of Islamic Associations and Gun Control NZ, who all claim that the initial

targeted 2 week consultation of a draft discussion document of proposed changes to the

clubs and ranges regulations was “undemocratic”, “rushed” and “secretive”.

They chose to ignore the fact that once finalised the discussion document will be

available for public consultation. One might ask what do any of these organisations

know about clubs and ranges anyway.

COLFO Hits Back

COLFO chair Brad Gallop hit back at the criticism of the draft Clubs & Ranges document

with the following press release.

"The Minister’s Arms Advisory Group (MAAG) assisted the Government on a draft of the

soon to be formally released discussion document regarding law changes to improve the

regulation of firearm clubs and ranges. Clubs and Ranges specialists and the Firearms

Safety Authority were asked to undertake an initial check that the Ministry of Justice

document was technically accurate.

COLFO compliments the Ministry of Justice and the Government for using MAAG, a

formal Ministerial Advisory Group, to provide advice on draft documents prior to release.

This is exactly what the advisory group was designed to do.

COLFO is very disappointed that some groups, including the Police Union, are trying to

circumvent a well-established advisory group function, and are complaining about the

Government following proper Parliamentary process.

COLFO is not surprised by the comments of Chris Cahill, spokesperson for the Police

Union, who is never shy to misinterpret and scaremonger without first finding out the


Chris Cahill and the Police Union are not connected to firearm clubs and ranges, nor is

the Union part of a formal Ministerial Advisory Group. They will be able to submit on the

changes when the Discussion Document is formally released for public consultation as

per the usual parliamentary process.”

Anti Gun Lobby Rallying Their Troops

GCNZ is up to their old trick of misleading their members and the general public in order

to rally support for their cause to make gun ownership harder than ever.

In a recent news letter - “the Coalition Government, and their approach to gun policy is

now crystal clear – mislead and exclude the public. More details below about how Nicole

McKee is misleading the public on the number of prohibited firearms and her dubious

"consultation" on the regulation of clubs and ranges.”

“At several points earlier this year, Nicole McKee said that more than 6,600 New

Zealanders were “legitimately in possession of” semi-automatic guns. That number was

wrong by a large margin. Firearms Safety Authority / Te Tari Pūreke data in fact showed

that only around 1500 people could possess the firearms banned in 2019 and of those,

only 328 people were permitted to fire them (mainly for pest control).”

From the previous statement it is clear that GCNZ do not understand the difference

between “semi automatic” and “prohibited firearms”, for example many models of .22 rifle

and pistols (B Endorsed) are semi automatic and still lawful to own in NZ.

Talk to your MP

GCNZ are advising their members to let their local MP know their views on the reform of

gun laws.

COLFO urges you to do the same. Let your MP hear your views, support changes that are

evidence based to make New Zealanders safer and oppose those that simply restrict gun

owners for no evidence based reason. Point out that the Arms Act is old, poorly written

and needs updating.

Registration for Collectors

The Firearm Safety Authority have now released their assisted upload programme.

This is for collectors who have 50 plus firearms or arms items like magazines etc,

however if you had 45 items they wont be turning you away.

When the time comes for you to register your firearms you can access the assisted

upload section and download either a word document or an XLS spread sheet that

has been populated with common firearms and common calibres. You fill in the

columns with the required data and email it back to FSA. Your file goes into a holding

server where the FSA staff confirm everything is correct and then they upload it

into the register.

Do you think your gun is registered?

Some recent conversations have lead to the realisation that there are a significant

number of firearm owners who believe that their gun does not need to be registered.

This because at some time in the distance past they were required to register it or

provided a list of serial numbers to police following a security check. Or perhaps

grandads old gun is no longer safe to use but kept for sentimental reasons and therefore

of no concern for the registry.

The fact is that ANY and ALL guns that you possess need to be registered with the

Firearm Safety Authority, unless it is a pre 1899 non-centre fire antique, under current

law, regardless of any details you may have provided to police in the past.

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The problem with the registry is it has already been breached multiple times. The NZ Police & NZ Government will be providing criminals, who run NZ unchecked, access to all my data. This gives gang's a shopping list and puts my family at risk. Feckless boffins don't get the right to put my family at risk. I am not meeting any of the triggering criteria ( purchase or sale) and will hold out on this added risk to my wife & children for as long as possible. I suggest in the meantime the NZ Police focus on gang's and REAL crime rather than Nurses and Doctors who made a minor mistake or painted over rainbow crossings.

You have lost the…

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