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Statement from Brad Gallop, Chairperson, Council of Licensed Firearm Owners

Source: COLFO

25 June 2024 // 4:39 PM

Statement from Brad Gallop, Chairperson, Council of Licensed Firearm Owners, addressing comments made about the firearm law reform proposal process in a story published by Stuff today.

"The Minister’s Arms Advisory Group (MAAG) assisted the Government on a draft of the soon to be formally released discussion document regarding law changes to improve the regulation of firearm clubs and ranges. Clubs and Ranges specialists and the Firearms Safety Authority were asked to undertake an initial check that the Ministry of Justice document was technically accurate.

COLFO compliments the Ministry of Justice and the Government for using MAAG, a formal Ministerial Advisory Group, to provide advice on draft documents prior to release. This is exactly what the advisory group was designed to do.

COLFO is very disappointed that some groups, including the Police Union, are trying to circumvent a well-established advisory group function, and are complaining about the Government following proper Parliamentary process. 

COLFO is not surprised by the comments of Chris Cahill, spokesperson for the Police Union, who is never shy to misinterpret and scaremonger without first finding out the facts.

Chris Cahill and the Police Union are not connected to firearm clubs and ranges, nor is the Union part of a formal Ministerial Advisory Group. They will be able to submit on the changes when the Discussion Document is formally released for public consultation as per the usual parliamentary process."

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Thankyou. Colfo is following proper procedure. Unlike under the Ardern government, where LFO were told to "sit down, shut up & and be grateful for what you are given. Colfo and the new government are and will be getting everyones views on the new laws.

I find it interesting the Cahill is claiming that this process is undemocratic after the last reform. Not to mention that when the Tarrant issue came out in the wash it was a police vetting failure.... They knew it from the beginning and HID that info from the public.

I suggest Cahill focus his energies to helping the police fight crime. If he's incapable I can drive the police to the door of 3 local…

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