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COLFO Grateful For Grant To ‘Support Rights Of NZers To Possess Firearms’

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) expresses its gratitude for the generous monetary donation by the late Alan Walker, who directed it be used to “support of the rights of New Zealand citizens to possess firearms.”

The money was donated by a bequest from the late Alan Walker of Hawkes Bay. The use of the funds granted by his estate in 2020 was discussed at a meeting of COLFO’s executive in April.

Alan bequest in his will that his antique firearm collection be sold, and the funds generated be donated to 3 organisations. COLFO received around half of the bequest. Alan’s wish was the money be used to “support of the rights of New Zealand citizens to possess firearms with special emphasis on those firearms currently requiring a Firearms Licence with either or both ‘C’ and [the now defunct] ‘E’ class endorsements.”

COLFO decided to use some of the funds to ratify spending since March 2022 to March 2023, against fees incurred submitting on the Clubs and Ranges consultation, and a small amount towards work on the Firearms Prohibition Orders.

The amount applied represents around 40% of the total expenditure over that period. The allocation represents around 37% of the amount bequeathed.

COLFO believes the Clubs and Ranges consultation, and the current consultation on fees, have been significant projects that comply with Alan’s intent.

The Council wants to communicate the use of Alan Walker’s bequest to the general community and acknowledge the Hawkes Bay Antique and Historical Arms Association Inc for facilitating the auction of Alan’s estate and supporting his intent.

COLFO is grateful for Alan Walker’s generous donation to ensure future generations can enjoy the collection and use of firearms. COLFO thanks the wider Walker family for their support of Alan’s interests.

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